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Birmingham Enterprise Zone:
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Our mission is to create a city that prospers today and for future generations

Birmingham Enterprise Zone

Building on opportunities such as High-Speed Rail 2 (HS2) and the Commonwealth Games, the Birmingham Enterprise Zone has focussed on delivering key projects such as Paradise and investing in HS2-related projects such as the redevelopment of Digbeth High Street and Curzon Metro Stop. These projects are creating jobs and public spaces whilst revitalising areas of the city centre that will change in the coming years.

Our projects include:

Enterprise Zone Vision

1.1 million SqM
of new commercial floorspace

new jobs created

£2.0 billion
in business rates growth income

What is an Enterprise Zone?

Enterprise Zones were set up by Government and are designated areas across England which provide incentives and support to help businesses grow, drive investment and development.

How does the Enterprise Zone work?

Business rates income growth (approved by central government) from its 39 sites is used to invest in projects that will improve the quality of life for all our residents. The programme will continue until March 2046.

What is the investment into Birmingham’s Enterprise Zone?

With 39 sites, 113 hectares of new and existing development space and up to £2 billion of potential investment from GBSLEP and BCC available, the Enterprise Zone is an engine for growth across the city and wider area.

What are the core delivery themes?

The themes driving the Enterprise Zone key priorities, investments and initiatives are:

  • Strategic Site Development to unlock potential
  • Maximising the Opportunity of High-Speed Rail 2 (HS2)
  • City Centre Skills and Workforce Challenges
  • Recognising the role of BPFS in the economic growth of cities
  • Culture and creative sectors and how it will integrate placemaking
  • How digital innovation and 5G technologies are likely to shape the city
  • Supporting the city to achieve Net Zero
  • Enterprise Zone Business Support
  • Establishing Birmingham city as the location of choice for business growth

Louise Brooke-Smith, GBSLEP Board Director and Programme Delivery Board interim chair:

“Birmingham’s golden decade of opportunity has been kickstarted by major developments in the Enterprise Zone. From Paradise to the redevelopment of Digbeth High Street, our city’s reputation has been elevated, attracting major companies and people who want to make this region home.”

If you want to contact a member of the team, please email hello@gbslep.co.uk with the title ‘Enterprise Zone’