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Governance & Transparency

Transparency and accountability are important to us. Find out more about how we give assurance to our stakeholders, how we manage conflicts of interest, and how to get in touch if you're not happy about something.


Assurance Framework

In order to support the process of devolution and give confidence to both local stakeholders and stakeholders in Central Government that appropriate arrangements are in place to deliver, Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership has drawn up this Assurance Framework which sets out the LEP’s operating arrangements, and describes how we will approve, deliver and manage the programme of projects benefitting from public funding.

It should be noted that Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership views this Framework as a live document. It is therefore our intention that this Framework is subject to annual review. Agreement for proposed changes to this Framework will be sought from the LEP Board and the Accountable Body, with further endorsement sought from the Supervisory Board.

Download the GBSLEP Assurance Framework here.

GBSLEP is required to provide a written assurance statement to Government. The latest statement is available here.

GBSLEP’s Assurance Framework has been developed to meet the criteria set out in the National Assurance Framework, which can be found here.


GBSLEP was constituted as a company limited by guarantee in May 2011. The LEP has a number of Company Members – the nine local authorities and six business representative organisation members (the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Engineering Employers Federation, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the National Farmers Union). The LEP has an Annual Conference every year, which presents an opportunity for the LEP Board to report on progress and for company members and wider stakeholders to hold Directors to account for performance.

The LEP’s Articles of Association can be read here. The Articles were most recently amended on 5th January 2017 to enable the Board to recruit one additional non-executive director to represent the young people of Greater Birmingham & Solihull.

Annual Accounts

As a company limited by guarantee, GBSLEP is required to submit annual accounts to Companies House. The accounts for the year ending 31st May 2018 were audited by Dains LLP and approved by the GBSLEP Board on 27th March 2019. The link to Companies House will be provided in due course.

The most recent return – for the year ending 31st May 2018 – can be read here.

2017/18 Statutory Accounts Clarification Note:

The figure for ‘Cash at bank and in hand’ at the year-end in the 2018 Balance Sheet of £76,606,136 (2017 £81,383,823) comprises capital grant funding received prior to distribution to applicants for projects that support the delivery of the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan and meet the requirements of the Assurance Framework and Business Rates Pool income received prior to its expenditure on approved revenue projects, as well as cash for operational purposes.

Code of Conduct

The GBSLEP Board has agreed to adopt a Code of Conduct, based on the Nolan Principles. The Code of Conduct sets out how all GBSLEP Board Directors will act when carrying out their roles with GBSLEP, including how they will register and declare their interests.

To see the Code of Conduct, click here


GBSLEP has agreed a Complaints & Confidential Complaints Procedure, which sets out how complaints, confidential complaints and anonymous complaints can be raised; how those complaints will be handled; and where they will be escalated if the complainant is dissatisfied with GBSLEP’s response.

To see the complaints procedure, click here


GBSLEP has agreed a Whistleblowing procedure that sets out how concerns about GBSLEP’s conduct – and the conduct of Board Directors and staff members – can be raised.

To see the Whistleblowing procedure, click here

Equality & Diversity

The GBSLEP Board is proud to represent one of the most diverse city regions in Europe. As diversity is integral to the strength of our economy, so too is it vital to the performance of the LEP. The LEP Board therefore intends that its own membership, that of its governance structure and the LEP Executive is equally diverse and inclusive, with a broad mix of ages, genders, races and sectors in its makeup, and is taking steps to achieve this.

Appointments to the Board are overseen by the Nominations Committee. When making appointments to the Board, the Committee will consider candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, taking full account of the diversity of Greater Birmingham & Solihull’s population, and has a further duty to make recommendations to the Board concerning its diversity so as to ensure its make-up is reflective of the local business community.

Equality and diversity is a key principle of Birmingham City Council’s staff code of conduct, to which the LEP Executive has agreed to adhere.