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Governance & Assurance

Transparency and accountability are important to us. Find out more about how we give assurance to our stakeholders, how we manage conflicts of interest, and how to get in touch if you're not happy about something.

Assurance Framework

In order to support the process of devolution and give confidence to both local stakeholders and stakeholders in Central Government that appropriate arrangements are in place to deliver, Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership has drawn up this Assurance Framework which sets out the LEP’s operating arrangements, and describes how we will approve, deliver and manage the programme of projects benefitting from Local Growth Funding.

It should be noted that Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership views this Framework as a live document. It is therefore our intention that this Framework is subject to annual review. Agreement for proposed changes to this Framework will be sought from the LEP Board and the Accountable Body, with further endorsement sought from the Supervisory Board.

GBSLEP’s Assurance Framework has been developed to meet the criteria set out in the National Assurance Framework, which can be found here.

Download the GBSLEP Assurance Framework here.

Appendices are available upon request – please contact us via 

Some key points are set out below.


Registration and Declaration of Interest

The conduct of Board Directors is governed by the seven principles of public life, better known as the Nolan principles. Conflicts of interest are managed in accordance with the Companies Act 2006. LEP Board Directors are required to complete and sign a pro forma every year, detailing the directorships and other relevant situations of which the company is already aware; any directorships and other relevant situations not listed in Part 1, including the nature and extent of any direct and indirect interest and any background information that the director considers may be relevant to the board’s assessment; and any direct or indirect interests in proposed or existing transactions with the company.

Directors will need to consider carefully whether any of their connected persons hold positions of which they are aware that:

  • conflict or possibly may conflict with the interests of the company leading to them being in breach of section 175 of the Act, unless declared to and authorised by the board; or
  • mean that the director is directly or indirectly interested in a proposed transaction or arrangement which must be declared to the directors in accordance with section 177 of the Act before such transaction or arrangement is entered into; or
  • mean that the director is directly or indirectly interested in an existing transaction or arrangement which must be declared to the directors in accordance with section 182 of the Act as soon as reasonably practicable

In addition, Directors have an ongoing obligation to disclose any change in circumstances with regard to the nature or extent of interests already disclosed and of any potential situations that conflict or may possibly conflict with the interests of the Company and to seek authorisation in advance of any such conflict arising. There is an opportunity to declare any such interests at the commencement of every LEP Board meeting.

The current register of interests for the LEP Board is available here, with further information on our Board Directors available here.


The GBSLEP Board is proud to represent one of the most diverse city regions in Europe. As diversity is integral to the strength of our economy, so too is it vital to the performance of the LEP. The LEP Board therefore intends that its own membership and that of its sub-structure is equally diverse and inclusive, with a broad mix of ages, genders, races and sectors in its makeup, and is taking steps to achieve this.

Appointments to the Board are overseen by the Nominations Committee. When making appointments to the Board, the Nominations Committee will consider candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, taking full account of the diversity of Greater Birmingham & Solihull’s population, and has a further duty to make recommendations to the Board concerning its diversity so as to ensure its make-up is reflective of the local business community.


We aim to provide the best possible service to customers for the benefit of the entire Greater Birmingham and Solihull region. We are always looking to improve our service and welcome complaints as part of that process.  Where we get things wrong, we want to know about it and will try to put things right as quickly as possible. We will also change our processes and systems, where that helps to prevent us getting things wrong in the future.

We aim to sort out complaints quickly and fairly and we will try to sort out any mistake or misunderstanding straight away. Sometimes it may take longer, but we will tell you how long it will take.

Complaints in the first instance can be made to – we will acknowledge your complaint in ten working days. We will investigate your complaint and we will respond within 20 working days. If we cannot do this, we will let you know when you can expect a reply. Our response will include details of who to complain to if you are not satisfied.