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Regional Partnership Working

GBSLEP works across nine local authority boundaries to deliver economic growth for more than two million people. We also work closely with our regional partners at different geographic levels to grow the wider economy.

GBSLEP has a defined role within the Constitution of the West Midlands Combined Authority as a “non-constituent member”  and as such is represented throughout the Combined Authority’s governance structure:

  • WMCA Board – Tim Pile, alternate Chris Loughran
  • WMCA Programme Board – Katie Trout
  • Strategic Economic Development Board – Tim Pile, alternate Chris Loughran
  • Strategic Economic Development Board Officers Group – Paul Edwards
  • Investment Board – Gary Taylor
  • Investment Advisory Group – Tom Fletcher
  • Housing and Land Delivery Board – Simon Marks
  • Housing and Land Steering Group – Nick Glover
  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee – Mike Lyons
  • Local Industrial Strategy Steering Group – Paul Edwards
  • Technical Appraisal Panel – Wendy Edwards

Leaders of GBSLEP’s nine authorities also attend these and other groups and can represent the views of GBSLEP in doing so. In addition, GBSLEP also attends other groups not part of the Combined Authorities formal governance arrangements.