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Cultural Capacity Development Fund

There is a clear relationship between development capacity within our cultural organisations and the ability of the sector to progress, transform and realise its potential. But, across the board, this capacity has been seriously squeezed and under-invested in over recent years. There is also a clear recognition that building stronger ecosystems and clusters are key factors in enabling organisations to overcome the barriers that so many of them face.

GBSLEP recognises these challenges and understands that organisational capability needs to be restored so that cultural organisations can become the confident architects of their own future ambitions with a clear view of their role in shaping the future of their towns, cities and local centres. To help facilitate the restoration of this capability, GBSLEP has opened a capacity building call.

Our Cultural Capacity Development Fund is a pilot action that is open now and closes on 31st Jan 2020. It will provide non-repayable revenue grants of between £2K-£10K, these monies will not require financial match, but will require evidence of collaboration.

Download the Guidance Document here to learn more about how the fund works.

You will need to register to get an application form by emailing us on

You should also read GBSLEP’s Cultural Action Framework to more fully understand the LEP’s context and approach to cultural funding.

This framework is based on the advice that GBSLEP received from Culture Central, who wrote a report for us on how public funders, with economic remits, should approach cultural investments, the LEP have adopted the recommendations and advice in this report, piloting and refining their response of the coming months. You can download their report A Toolkit for Smarter Cultural Investments in our towns, cities and regions for even more detailed background reading, although this is not essential for filling in the application form.


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