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Cultural Investments at GBSLEP

GBSLEP has now published its ‘Cultural Action Framework’, which sets out its approach to cultural investments and how they dovetail into the LEPs broader objectives around placemaking, business growth, stimulating innovation and supporting our talent and skills pipeline.

With the publication of this Framework, GBSLEP is now able to make its own strategic priorities clearer and work in more effective, long-term partnerships with cultural actors and our other stakeholders, as we enable change for the long-term good of the economy and wider geography.

Download our Cultural Action Framework to learn more.

GBSLEP will be opening a call to establish and extend our Cultural Action Zones, find out more and register your interest to be notified when the call opens.

You can register interest in this call, or ask our team for more information, by emailing us via

GBSLEP has been working closely with the cultural sector over the last few years, focused mainly on capital investments. To underpin our new thinking, including revenue support, as set-out within our Cultural Action Framework, GBSLEP commissioned Culture Central to write a report setting out their recommendations for how we, and other funders with an economic remit, should handle cultural investments going forwards.

Their report, ‘A Toolkit for Smarter Cultural Investments in our towns, cities and regions’ can be downloaded in web-friendly and printer friendly versions. GBSLEP have adopted Culture Central’s recommendations, with implementation set-out within our cultural framework.

More on the LEPs broad approach to culture and cultural assets can be found here.

More on the LEPs wider work across the creative industries can be found here.

Please contact GBSLEP for more information about our other activities and programmes beyond the creative and cultural industries.