Guest Blog - Joi Foote

Guest Blog - Joi Foote

05 Oct 2021

Young graduate Joi Foote has penned a short article on why engaging with young people is crucial to realising our green recovery ambitions. This guest blog follows the launch of the GBSLEP Youth Strategy: You(th) Matter and a new GBSLEP fund that is offering organisations financial support to create opportunities for young people. To find out more, visit our Funding Calls page. 

Having lived in Birmingham for practically my whole life and continued my studies here at the University of Birmingham, it would be fair to say I am no stranger to the city.

Whilst I am very much open to the fact of moving away, I can’t say to what I extent I see myself doing this. Birmingham offers a perfect mix of city life without the hustle and bustle that makes it overwhelming.

As a young person under the age of 25 in the city I account for 40% of the population that makes Birmingham the youngest city in Europe. Currently, we are facing a climate crisis.

We need to begin to find and adapt to new of working and functioning as we transition into a green economy.

So, what should organisations like local councils and GBSLEP be doing for young people as we navigate this transition?

The importance of investing in young people and green economy is crucial for a diverse future and building sustainable and prosperous communities.

We can’t continue on a business-as-usual basis, and I believe working with young people is a big part of this.

Investing in leaders of tomorrow to enact practical growth and development for future generations.

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