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Anita Bhalla OBE, Board Director for Creative Industries at GBSLEP, reacts as Channel 4 commits to establishing a new national HQ outside London alongside two new smaller creative hubs:

Anita Bhalla OBE said:

The announcement that Channel 4 is to open new sites in the UK regions, and move hundreds of staff out of London, is a positive step and of course, the natural home for them is Greater Birmingham and Solihull.

Our creative and digital industries are flourishing, and the prospect of working with Channel 4 in Greater Birmingham would help to attract and retain both businesses and talented workers.

With a young, digitally connected and diverse population, Greater Birmingham is the perfect fit for Channel 4 – but there’s still more work to do. In the coming weeks, we must continue to champion our region, taking the message to Channel 4 and central Government that the broadcaster should create a presence here.”