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Meet Kate Shaw, Chief Operating Officer for GBSLEP

Tell us about your job, and what your current focus is:

I am the Chief Operating Officer.  This is a new role and is all about getting it right behind the scenes, making sure the LEP has the right processes, people and systems in place and that the appropriate financial control and reporting is happening.  My current focus is on recruitment to complement and support our existing team while working on a people strategy that helps make us a great place to work.

What are you most proud of achieving at the LEP?

I have only been here 6 weeks so its very early days, but I am incredibly proud of my first successful recruitment – bringing Lisa our Finance Manager on board is a huge win for us and I am really looking forward to working with her.

What upcoming event or project in the region are you most looking forward to?

There are so many to choose from!  If I had to pick just one I would say the I am very excited by the opportunities and challenges of the next stage of the Growth Hub.

What made you want to move to the region, or what made you stay?

I’ve lived most of my life in nearby Warwickshire. The Midlands has been my home for most of my life and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  My Grandfather was from Witton and my daughter now lives in the Jewellery Quarter (choosing Colmore Row over Chancery Lane).

I love working in Birmingham, it’s a diverse and culturally rich city and when I knew I was coming back to work in the city it felt like coming home.

What would be your “specialist subject” on Mastermind?

Well it would have to be Harry Potter (although I understand it’s now a banned subject – too predictable I understand!).  Having read all seven books from cover to cover many times with my daughter then again with my son years later I am confident of a top score (not too sure how I would fair in the general knowledge round however!)

If you were stuck in a lift with two people, who would you want them to be?

Assuming I can’t chose a lift engineer and a Deliveroo rider on the way to deliver something yummy?

Ok so will go for Jack Grealish and Jacinda Ardern.

Jack so we can talk about how it felt to score against the Blues last November and Jacinda so I could learn about role modelling fabulous behaviour!

Describe life at the LEP in one word:

I think it will have to be stimulating ……