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Meet the Team: Katie Judge

Katie Judge, Executive Manager (Business & Innovation) at GBSLEP

Tell us about your job, and what your current focus is:

My job is to manage the development and delivery of the LEP’s priorities for supporting business growth or “scale up” – particularly in high growth industries. This involves managing a small team who are responsible for developing the LEP’s Growth Hub, which offers businesses information and support, and for developing other projects to support businesses to exploit new technologies and grow. I have a specific personal focus in my role on development of the life sciences element of the Local Industrial Strategy for the West Midlands.

What are you most proud of achieving at the LEP?

The contribution I have made to partnerships and collaborations that will be transformational for the region such as Birmingham’s planned new Life Sciences Park.

What upcoming event or project in the region are you most looking forward to?

The LEP’s Annual Conference on 26th September will be an important showcase of opportunities in Greater Birmingham. The West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy launch later this year will also be a key milestone for the region.

What made you want to move to the region, or what made you stay?

Birmingham and the wider West Midlands is a great place to live and work and I’m very glad that it was here that I came to work after university. I’ve had rewarding career opportunities and enjoyed living in a friendly, accessible city with plenty on offer.

What would be your “specialist subject” on Mastermind?

Perhaps late 20th century Spanish history; I lived there briefly during that time and loved it.

If you were stuck in a lift with two people, who would you want them to be?

A lift engineer would be useful! And I think a yoga teacher might be good company to have.

Describe life at the LEP in one word: