Reasons to have an apprentice - by GBSLEP Skills Hub Apprenticeship Advisor, Ashi Sattar

06 May 2022

Apprenticeships, what are they? Should I have an apprentice in my business? What will they do for me?

Questions we hear all the time from businesses trying to decide if taking on an apprentice is right for them. Apprenticeship Adviser, Ashi Sattar, gives us her top 7 reasons why your business should be considering apprentices.

1. Integrate new skills into your business

Apprentices have energy, enthusiasm and motivation which brings with them original ideas that will benefit your business. Their classroom learning exposes them to new ideas, the latest techniques, and sector knowledge, which they bring with them into the workplace. If you harness and direct these skills, you can future-proof your business for years to come.

2. Fill a skills gap 

Got a skills gap? Rather than employ someone at a higher cost, take on apprentice to do the role. Apprenticeships offer high quality training in a range of sectors meaning finding an apprenticeship to fill your skills gap will be an easy task. The apprenticeship will teach them the skills they need with the business training them in the specifics you require.

3. Give back to the economy

By taking on an apprentice you are reducing unemployment in the local economy and creating a future work force for your business. After completing their apprenticeship, many apprentices go on to secure permanent employment with the company that supported them through their apprenticeship, as they have proven their worth. This enables the business to create a loyal and committed workforce.

4. Improve your finances

Research from the National Apprenticeship Service has shown that 81% of consumers favour companies that have taken on apprentices. So taking an apprentice on could increase your sales.

5. Increase business productivity

Having an apprentice can free up staff time. As your business grows, smaller tasks still need to be done. Instead of these taking up experienced staff time, an apprentice can take on these tasks giving them varied experiences and increased responsibilities but also freeing up experienced staff to focus on key areas of work.

6. Support existing staff development

Having an apprentice will impact your current staff, if you’ve got someone who is looking to progress into a management position giving them an apprentice to support and mentor, will enable them to develop management skills.

7. Utilise your apprenticeship levy

If your business pays into the Apprenticeship Levy, taking an apprentice allows you to use these funds to train them in the skills needed for your business. Training new apprentices is also a cost-effective way of increasing skills within your business, benefitting the company as whole. If your business does not pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, you may be eligible to receive support through the Levy transfer scheme which supports businesses to take on apprentices.

Businesses are embracing apprenticeships as an effective way to bring new skills into their business, create an enthusiastic and loyal workforce, and ensure that they are ready for the future.

To find out more about the apprenticeships available in your sector and how to take on apprentice contact Ashi now by emailing or call 0800 032 3488 see how we can support your skills journey.

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