GBSLEP Annual Delivery Plan 2019-20

Date: 31 May 2019

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Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership’s (GBSLEP’s) annual delivery plan sets out our intended activities and deliverables for 2019/20 in our mission to help the economy of Greater Birmingham and Solihull continue to grow and thrive. In part this will be achieved through delivery of our capital programmes and Enterprise Zone and, in part, through specific revenue based interventions supported by funding through our Business Rates Pool. Given the breadth of activity underway, this plan can only give a high level overview of our key priorities and interventions. Further detail on each of our interventions is available either through our website – – or by contacting our executive team directly at

The plan is structured to highlight our key activities and does not cover all of the activities we will undertake during the course of the year. Compared to 2018-19, we anticipate substantial growth in our commitments with an additional £10m of Local Growth Fund due to be paid out to projects in 2019-20. In addition, we anticipate a step change in our support for revenue based interventions in the second year of our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) Enabling Fund with planned expenditure of £3m against £1.76m in 2018-19. Given the ongoing uncertainty in the UK economy, our proposed interventions are subject to change as we remain alert to, and agile in, our responses to the challenges and opportunities that the second biggest economy in the UK brings. We will no doubt do far more over the year than this plan outlines. Likewise, there will be some proposed interventions that, as the economy changes, will evolve, grow or, in some cases, not be taken forward. Given this, our Plan outlines our proposed activities for the 19/20 period.

Read the Annual Delivery Plan 2019-20 here.