GBSLEP Young People Strategy - You(th) Matter

Date: 29 Sep 2021

Our Young People Strategy - You(th) Matter will leverage GBSLEP’s role as an agitator, commissioner, and enabler to put You(th) at the heart of what we do. We will advocate for young people and highlight the need to support them through our partners. We will direct resources to areas of our work that directly benefit young people and we will encourage our partners to direct their resources towards activities that benefit our young people. We see our young people as a strength. Equipped with the right opportunities, the right conditions, and the right support they can play a fundamental role in the economic recovery of our region and our country.

As you read GBSLEP’s Young People Strategy – You(th) Matter, we ask you to step forward and support us in our mission to create opportunities for young people and put them at the heart of decision making. As employers, partners, parents, teachers, community workers, friends, and family – we all have a role to play. Let us collaborate and work together to ensure our young people can emerge from this pandemic with the right skills to help build economic recovery and a robust future for themselves.