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Annual Accounts

As a company limited by guarantee, GBSLEP is required to submit annual accounts to Companies House. The accounts for the year ending 31st May 2018 were audited by Dains LLP and approved by the GBSLEP Board on 27th March 2019. They are available on Companies House.

The LEP Board does though control and directly oversee the expenditure of a number of funding streams. These include a number of grants from Government for specific activity and funding generated locally through the Business Rates Pool. You can find our more in our Annual Report.

2017/18 Statutory Accounts Clarification Note:

The figure for ‘Cash at bank and in hand’ at the year-end in the 2018 Balance Sheet of £76,606,136 (2017 £81,383,823) comprises capital grant funding received prior to distribution to applicants for projects that support the delivery of the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan and meet the requirements of the Assurance Framework and Business Rates Pool income received prior to its expenditure on approved revenue projects, as well as cash for operational purposes.