West Midlands Low Carbon and Circular Economy Innovation Fund

Sustainability is the major innovation challenge of our time; providing both an opportunity and the challenge for business growth over the coming decades. As the lead for the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy Delivery Plan for Food and Drink Manufacturing and for Low Carbon, GBSLEP wants to support businesses across the West Midlands in driving forward sustainable innovation.

This is why we have developed the West Midlands Low Carbon and Circular Economy Innovation Fund for food and drink manufacturers and low carbon businesses; to provide businesses and innovators with the opportunity to test their sustainable approach or product on the market and create pathways to investment.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is a way of looking at an economy through three key principles:

 1. Designing out waste and pollution.
 2. Keeping products and materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible.
 3. Regenerating natural systems.

The fund will provide the opportunity for businesses to:

  • Test their sustainable product or process on the market; and/or 
  • Scale production of existing sustainable products/processes to then enable a business to develop the demand for their products/ process; and/or
  • Improve the quality and consistency of an existing sustainable product/ process

Download a copy of the West Midlands Low Carbon & Circular Economy Innovation Fund Guidance

Please note you are eligible if you are a registered business within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP, Black Country LEP or Coventry and Warwickshire LEP areas.  

Applications for the Fund will open at the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership annual conference in early Autumn 2021.