Tender Opportunities

Free access to Zellar - a new sustainability platform for businesses!

Become a more sustainable business with GBSLEP's support

We understand the challenges many businesses across the West Midlands are facing in becoming more sustainable – that’s why we’re partnering with Zellar, the first sustainability platform that helps businesses become sustainable and take the right steps to reach Net Zero and beyond, before 2030.

GBSLEP is sponsoring 100 businesses across the West Midlands area. Each business will be given one year’s access to Zellar.

Zellar enables businesses to measure, manage and amplify their sustainability journey in one place. Your business can access green tech tailored for your sector, support local and national biodiversity and offset projects, transition to renewables, get involved with sustainable volunteering projects, and much more. Your sustainability profile will showcase your journey, so you can share with your customers all the actions you’re taking to become a greener business. You can also see how your business benchmarks in your sector and understand the behavioural actions that will help you make changes.

Zellar simplifies and provides easy access to critical sustainability drivers and provides all the emission insights, support, advice, connections you need to become a greener business all in one place. Zellar are working with a number of businesses already, who’ve shared their involvement on Zellar’s YouTube channel 

Please apply here. If you have any queries regarding Zellar or the application process please contact serena.bacuzzi@gbslep.co.uk