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Stronger Conditions for Growth

Spreading opportunity and prosperity to all sections of society

Creating Growth

Greater Birmingham has a dynamic private sector that drives economic growth across the UK and enables us to make the most of the opportunities created through the first two priorities. However, there are still many structural supply-side barriers preventing these businesses reaching their full potential. This prevents wealth spreading to all
sections of society, and limits the effectiveness of the GBSLEP area as a single systemic functional unit contributing to the growth of the UK as a whole. These barriers include not having access to an appropriately skilled workforce, housing shortages that limit the area’s ability to attract and retain skilled workers, the lack of suitable quality business locations, flood risk, environmental quality, climate change and poor digital and physical connectivity.

We will ensure that our economy is founded upon a skilled workforce and an attractive, supportive and stimulating environment for investors and businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators– including a targeted focus on strengthening our competitiveness in key sectors.

Our number one priority will be to increase skills and reduce unemployment by ensuring that local people are inspired and skilled to fill the employment opportunities created through economic growth and that they continue to develop their skills throughout their careers, thereby driving productivity and attracting new investment. There will be a geographical focus to our work given the challenges of low skills levels and the high unemployment levels in parts of Birmingham and north Solihull. We will also seek to retain and attract talented individuals and entrepreneurs by developing and promoting Greater Birmingham as an attractive place to live, work and succeed.

The economic prospects for this area are fantastic. This is the place to be – to feed your business with talented people at all levels of your organisation.

Alan Volkaerts, Jaguar Land Rover