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Taking Full Advantage of our Global Connections

Exploiting our role as an international gateway

Greater Birmingham will be first to connect to the new high speed rail system, opening up new international gateways for the UK at Birmingham city centre and Airport. This means that, at the current time, we are in a unique position to take advantage of both the connectivity benefits of the network, and its catalytic impact on the physical
redevelopment of areas around the new stations and on local skills supply chains.

As well as our transport links, we will leverage our international businesses and supply chains, our universities and our diverse population to achieve higher rates of investment (including overseas investment), boost our exports (particularly amongst SMEs) and grow our visitor economy.

We want to remain the leading LEP area for attracting foreign direct investment by growing key markets for inward investment and positioning Greater Birmingham – and the West Midlands – as a leading global destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

We will continue to target those sectors and markets in which we have most competitive advantage, working with our WMCA partners to create strong regional offers and also, where appropriate, collaborating on a Midlands Engine level in globally competitive sectors such as automotive.

Our current focus sectors are advanced engineering; business, professional and financial services, digital and creative, infrastructure and environmental technologies, life sciences, and food and drink. We will also remain agile, adapting our investment tactics and plans to cope with the global economic changes that unfurl over the next fifteen years.


Providing even greater connectivity to destinations that our region’s businesses want is a priority. Global connectivity supports trade and attracts inward investment, so we have a vital role in the Midlands to further improve this by growing access to long haul markets and helping to rebalance the UK’s economy.

Paul Kehoe, former Chief Executive, Birmingham Airport