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Innovation & Creativity

A world leader in innovation & creativity - commercialising cutting-edge research & innovation

Greater Birmingham already hosts organisations operating at the cutting edge of research and innovation. Our expertise extends to advanced manufacturing and transport technologies, digital and creative industries, the cultural sector, medical and life sciences, and environmental technologies.

Commercialising our research and innovation capability is key to capturing the high value, high growth sectors of the future, and driving the benefits across the UK. In an increasingly competitive global economy, constant innovation is essential.

Our priority is to continue nurturing and combining our strengths in science, technology, engineering and the arts, informed by the findings of the Midlands Engine Science and Innovation Audit, with a focus on stimulating higher levels of demand-led innovation and increasing the rate at which new ideas and solutions are generated and translated into economic growth.

We recognise that innovation is key to our ability to increase business and workforce productivity and competitiveness, attract investment, boost our exports and increase our rates of business starts, survival and growth. We recognise the potential offered by disruptive and emerging technologies, including intelligent systems technologies, to enable increased productivity and more inclusive and sustainable growth.

Birmingham itself is an entrepreneurial hotspot. Not only does the city have the highest number of new start-ups and active businesses outside of London; it also boasts incredible transport links; access to talent through four leading universities; a lively entertainment and cultural scene; a diverse population with an insatiable appetite for business and all the right ingredients to foster further innovation.

Gary Stewart, Director, Wayra UK