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Develop thriving towns and local centres

In our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP),  we set out the objective to ‘develop thriving towns and local centres’ recognising that, whilst Birmingham as a regional core city provides a natural focal point for increasing growth and investment, the surrounding towns and local centres also form a crucial part of the economic fabric of the region. However, our town and local centres face challenges to their competitiveness as they make the transition from a retail dominated core to wider social hubs that can offer a variety of opportunities including leisure, culture, and residential.

We have therefore developed a Towns and Local Centres (TLC) Framework that  takes a co-ordinated view of regeneration activity in towns and local centres across the GBSLEP area, ensuring maximum benefit from the range of projects being delivered, and thereby helping to deliver the growth ambitions set out in the SEP. This approach recognises the GBSLEP area as an eco-system: whilst Birmingham is the focal point, the surrounding towns and local centres provide distinct, complementary, and supporting offers to the city centre.

Download the TLC Framework Executive Summary here.

Download the TLC Framework technical report here.

Technical report aimed primarily at practitioners.