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Enhance connectivity and mobility

Our transport networks are enablers of spatial and sectorial growth. They are vital to creating viable and attractive places in which to live and do business; crucial to our businesses getting their goods and services to market; and key to ensuring that our people have access to economic and leisure opportunities.

Strong transport networks befitting our economic growth ambitions are key to creating a sustainable, attractive and economically vibrant city region that offers greater choice, stronger and more resilient networks, and an environment that supports an improved quality of life.

The Airport is one of the most important economic drivers in the West Midlands region, and in 2026 will become the UK’s first and only airport adjacent to high speed rail, dramatically enlarging its catchment area and plugging more businesses across the UK into international opportunities.

Midlands Connect is making the case for delivering nationally important transport infrastructure in our region, complementing the investment in HS2 and significantly enhancing our global connectivity by
bringing more business and people within reach of our key economic assets.

The rapid pace of change in our transport and digital networks presents the opportunity to move towards a truly smart city region. The increased prevalence of smartphones combined with decreased costs of deploying wireless connectivity is creating the perfect conditions for the Internet of Things. By harnessing big data and the potential of automation, the Internet of Things will enable autonomous vehicles (which are already being trialled in Coventry) and mobility as a service, revolutionary opportunities to reduce waste and improve efficiency on our transport networks.

We will:

  • facilitate the growth of Birmingham Airport to maximise the economic benefits that it creates
    for the region, enabling our business to access key overseas markets and making Greater
    Birmingham an even more attractive destination for inward investment
  • continue to work with Midlands Connect to deliver increased national connectivity
  • reduce demand, ensuring that capacity on key routes is released by negating unnecessary trips.
    This means investing in towns and local centres to ensure that very short distance trips can be made safely by walking, cycling and public transport, and by working with employers to support flexible working partners, reducing demand at peak times
  • increase capacity by investing in infrastructure that provides faster and more reliable journeys within and between our towns and local centres and the regional economic hub, providing more efficient, affordable and sustainable access to economic and leisure opportunities
  • improve efficiency by supporting our research institutions to continue to strive for transport innovation. This means investing in new transport technology and harnessing the power of digital to complement investments in physical infrastructure, paving the way for the transport innovations of tomorrow (such as autonomous vehicles) and enabling mobility as a service
  • implement our Low Carbon Transport & Mobility Strategy
  • support the development and delivery of the next phase of digital infrastructure, beyond hardwired broadband solutions