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Enhance and harness the potential of our cultural and creative assets

Culture and placemaking is a key part of GBSLEP’s strategy, strengthening the economy and improving the quality of life for our citizens. Birmingham has arguably the strongest cluster of major arts organisations in any English city outside London. GBSLEP’s wider geography has a rich and diverse cultural ecology and opportunities, such as the Commonwealth Games in 2022, will bring long-term investment.

‘Culture has a significant role to play in the continued growth and development of the region, with significant impact on our communities, place, tourism, education, skills and health. We have a world renowned and diverse cultural offer. It feels like the opportune moment to work together, across sectors and re-think cultural investment, leading the way, not only in recognition of our unique cultural offer, but the way it continues to grow.’ Erica Love, Director, Culture Central

The LEP have recently co-invested in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, Birmingham’s Dance Hub  and the National Memorial Arboretum, with other cultural pipeline projects being developed.

But overall cultural funding is challenged, with reduced public grants and big opportunities, there is a need for cultural organisations to re-invent themselves. That is why GBSLEP have now launched its own ‘Cultural Action Framework’ to set-out its strategic approach. Read more about GBSLEP’s cultural strategy and existing and upcoming calls

The cultural agenda is included in the region-wide Creative Industries Local industrial strategy Sector Plan. It also connects with the LEPs broader work across the Creative industries as a high growth sector.

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